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One of the great things about this credit score service is that you receive your free credit score upon sign up, along with great features to track and monitor your credit score, and how it changes over time. They call this your 'Score Center'. With it, you can set automatic alerts to e-mail you when your score goes up or down a certain number of points, or if your credit score hits or passes a certain mark. For example, you can set it to immediately alert you if your score rises above 720, or if it changes by more than 10 points, up or down.

Why do I need to check my Credit Score ?

A good credit score is your passport to competitive interest rates for mortgages, cars, credit card offers, joboffers, insurance premiums and more. A strong score is worth money because it saves you in excess costs.

In today's information age, credit reports and credit scores are a vital part of everyone's life, your credit report provides creditors and lenders key information about your credit history, it is used to help them get a good picture of your borrowing and repaying habits in the past. Along with listing your full credit and debt repayment history, your credit report also contains information on any past bankruptcies, foreclosures, anything of that sort. And like a resume, your credit report can influence whether you will receive what you are applying for from a creditor, insurer or lender.

Your credit score can also be very helpful to potential lenders by giving a simple 3 digit number summarizing your overall credit worthiness. And of course, the higher your credit score, the better.

What's your credit score? Don't know? Check it for free!

If your credit score is good, banks will want to do business with you. They'll provide you good rates on things like mortgages and car loans. If your credit score is bad, banks will pretty much avoid you because, to them, you're not worth the risk. Even if you don't really care about such things, it's important to keep tabs on your credit score because it's often the first way you find out that your identity has been stolen. People open up lines of credit in your name, use them for purchases, and you're the one holding the bill – not something you want to have happen to you.

Best Free Credit Score Services

Most of these services offer either a completely free trial, or a very low cost trial (such as $1 for 30 days), during that trial if you should decide the service isn't for you, feel free to cancel and pay nothing more, and keep your free credit score just for trying it out!

Improving Your Score the Right Way

How do you improve your credit score? First, get your credit report, as mentioned above, and then make sure you know what every entry on that report is and that it's correct. Next, make sure to pay all of your bills on time, and then pay down your debts. Also, if you're trying to improve your score and you're carrying any debt at all, it's probably not a good idea to close any of your credit cards or lines of credit.

Can Bad Credit Cost You a Job?

Employers often use credit scores to help winnow down applicants for an open position, particularly in a poor job market. If an open position has a deluge of reasonably qualified applicants, employers are going to look for reliable and trustworthy people, and like it or not, credit scores are often used as a quick thumbnail to check how reliable and trustworthy people are.

Keeping Your Score Healthy

Pay your bills. Pay down your debts. Have an emergency fund. Have adequate insurance (for example, life insurance for you and your spouse). These things all go a long way toward ensuring that your credit score is healthy for the long haul.

Is Your Credit Score Worth Reading?

Focuses in on credit scores like a laser beam. If you ever had any interest in understanding how credit scores work and how they affect your life in more detail, this is absolutely the book to pick up.